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Speech Level Singing

Created by Maestro Seth Riggs, Speech Level Singing (SLS) is a revolutionary vocal technique that enables people to sing without inappropriate muscular tension in the same easily produced and effortless way as they speak. (assuming the speaking voice is not constricted, forced, breathy, or pitch incorrectly)

SLS technique enables singers to develop a marketable yet healthy voice that is connected through the entire range, allowing the singer to negotiate the “bridges” of the voice and to mix into the upper register easily and without muscular tension. SLS singers perform in any style with freedom and flexibility, their voices remaining healthy throughout a lifetime of singing.

It is the technique behind over 130 Grammy Award Winners, 4 winners of the New York Metropolitan Opera Awards, numerous Star Search winners, countless Broadway stars, television personalities, and recording artists.

For more information please visit:

Seth Riggs and JJ Lin (林俊杰)

Seth Riggs and Leehom Wang (王力宏)

Hong Kong Certified SLS Instrutor Christine Samson and Joey Yung (容祖兒)

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