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The Voice Teacher

Toronto voice teacher Marco Tang 鄧慶麟 directs Advanced Singing and is a Certified Instructor of Speech Level Singing (SLS). He has studied singing for over 15 years under different methods: Italian Belcanto, Estill Voice Craft, and Speech Level Singing (SLS)™.

Marco is trained by legendary singing coach and SLS founder, Seth Riggs, and his highly regarded SLS Master Instructors Dave Stroud, Jeffery Skouson, Greg Enriquez and Kathy Kennedy. He specializes in combining intensive vocal training with modern techniques to meet the needs of many musical styles. His students range from major recording label artists to singing contest winners to complete beginners.

Some of Marco’s students include:

Hong Kong recording artist and rising star Jason Chan 陳柏宇

Hong Kong artist, model and rising star Rika V 王麗嘉

2012 Markham Junior Idol Champion Sierra Rayman

2012 A1 Chinese Raido K Idol Singing contest 2nd runner-up Sarah Hyon

2011 Golden Song Singing Contest Champion Louis Zhang 張羽

2011 A1 Chinese Radio K Idol Singing Contest 2nd runner-up Anson Wong 黃錦良

2011 New Talent Singing Contest (Toronto) Champion Titus Chu 朱永泉

2010 Canadian Chinese Idol 2nd Runner-up Kenny Zhong

2010 Super Boy 2nd runner-up, China recording artist and rising star Philip Lau 武藝

2010 New Talent Singing Contest (Toronto) Champion Jerry Lau 劉致理

2010 A1 Chinese Radio K Idol Singing Contest 2nd runner-up Karen Li 李嘉欣

2009 New Talent Singing Contest (Toronto) Champion Daniel Ting 丁皓峯

2009 Canadian Chinese Idol Champion Brenda Lee 李穎欣

2009 Canadian Chinese Idol 1st Runner-up Eric Zhu 朱智昊

2009 Canadian Chinese Idol 2nd Runner-up Edmund Wong

Voice Lessons

Each voice lesson is given in a 30 minute or 60 minute time frame. In the beginning of a lesson, a personal customized vocal workout will be given based on singers' vocal needs and abilities in present. Later on, singers will try to apply new techniques to songs of their choice. Each voice lesson will be recorded to a SD card. Students using the recorded lesson for reviews and practices will have significant improvements promptly.

Lesson Rates

Please inquire for current rates

Online Lessons

Online voice lessons are available through Skype for students who don’t have a local Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor. High speed internet and a webcam with microphone are needed. Online voice lessons will be given as the same manner and quality as the studio lessons.

Skype Name: advanced singing

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for ALL cancellations or you will be charged for your lesson. **We appreciate your business and understand that things do come up unexpected. Please be considerate of our policy so that your slot can be filled. **

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