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What do Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Rain (Korean Pop), Leehom Wang (Mandarin Pop), and over 130 Grammy Award winners have in common? They all use the Speech Level Singing™ method - a revolutionary method created by world renowned vocal educator Seth Riggs.

Advanced Singing Studio offers Speech Level Singing™ lessons to singers of all levels. We believe that this legendary technique will help you to reach your full singing potential and to preserve your vocal health at the same time.

We also offer professional and affordable studio recording for singers who like to record their demos or their own songs. If you are interested in becoming a professional artist, we can also assist you in submitting your demos to different record labels and to provide crucial advice or assistance.

亞洲巨星: 李玟, 王力宏, 陶喆, 周杰倫, 張惠妹, 許茹芸, 范曉萱, 庾澄慶, 蕭亞軒, 孫燕姿, 林憶蓮, 林俊杰, 蕭敬騰, F4-Vanness, 容祖兒, 楊千嬅, 衛蘭, 薛凱琪, G.E.M., 陳柏宇, 何韻詩, 側田, 韓國巨星Rain, Se7en等等... 成功背後有什麼秘訣?

他們都學習和使用 Speech Level Singing™, 一種嶄新的革命性歌唱技巧, 由世界著名聲樂教育家 Seth Riggs 創立.

Advanced Singing Studio 提供全面的 Speech Level Singing™ 訓練課程, 由 Speech Level Singing™ 註冊認可的專業導師親自教授. 無論是初學者, 或者是專業歌手, 這種傳奇的聲樂技巧都可以幫助充分發揮你的歌唱潛力, 並確保你聲帶的健康.

與此同時, 我們提供的專業錄音室還可以滿足你錄製樣帶, 原創歌曲等等各種需要.

倘若你有興趣在音樂行業發展, 我們還可以協助你把錄音樣帶遞交各大唱片公司, 並提供專業的意見及協助.

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